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The following time-lapse is from a painting exhibition at Artte, created by @filipfilm

Artist Statement

Living in a world completely dominated by the perfectly curated selfie, where reality is replaced by trends and information is obtained from social media, I feel compelled to dig deeper and expose the hidden and unseen from the world around me. Growing up in Vancouver in the 90s, watching it turn from a timid, Western Canadian big small town into a decadently rich city of glass towers, sports cars and luxury brands, contrasted by an ever growing poverty and drug problem, I moved to Barcelona only to realise that it too battles with a dual identity. The trending images of this city that bring over 30 million tourists every year have surely caught anyone’s eye. However, it didn’t take me long to discover that a much greater value of this place lies in the hidden, unseen sites that do not seem worthy of our current communication channels. I am interested in exploring these places, giving them the importance that they deserve and showing off their beauty. When I walk around I choose images to paint based both on the meaning of their content and the visual balance of colours and shapes.